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10 Beach Inspired Poses | Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

Victoria Beach Laguna California


1. “Forehead Touch”

This is one of my personal favorites! If you’re on the sand like this couple, it’s much easier to look into each other’s eyes. It brings such an intimate feeling to the photo.

2. “Upside Down”

This is a unique perspective if you can pull it off.

3. “The Walk”

Strut towards the camera while holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. This is a classic in almost any scene.

4. “The Embrace”

Sit between your lovers legs and have him wrap his arms around you with a kiss. Then grab ahold of that strapping arm!

5. “Ocean Love”

If you’re not afraid to express your love, this one is almost too sexy!

6. “Small Talk”

Just an intimate conversation between you and your love.

7. “Forehead Kiss”

Have him pull you in with a tender kiss on the head.

8. “Spider Legs”

This is a cute one to show off those long gorgeous legs of yours. Super cute when you catch it in a candid moment like this.

9. “Just a Peck”

This is fun with either a quick kiss on the cheek or a whisper in the ear.

10. “The Princess Kiss”

Isn’t this one romantic? Chest to chest with her hand held like Prince Charming pulling in his beautiful Princess for their fist kiss.

“The close up”

Ok, so this one isn’t a pose but I feel like it’s a must have shot!

I hope this helps inspire you on an exciting beach engagement shoot with your one and only! The beach is one of my favorite locations for Engagement Shoots. There are so many possibilities and emotion to capture.

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