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1950's Style Wedding | Riverside California

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Lisa and Mike's Wedding at March Field Air Museum.

This was such a fun wedding to shoot! Well, it was really a vow renewal. Lisa and Mike tied the knot 10 years ago and decided to celebrate their anniversary with a 50’s themed Wedding style renewal of their vows. This theme fit Lisa’s personality to the tee! She has such a fun eccentric personality. She’s bold and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. They couldn’t have chosen a better venue for their theme. The March Air Field Museum gave everything such an authentic feel. The groomsmen wore aviary jumpsuit was if returning from a mission. The ladies were all dressed in such a classy retro ensemble.

And did I mention, they sure know how to put on a party! The night was full of laughs and to top it all off, Lisa and Mike even had a dance rehearsed and prepared for all their guests! For a night, we al went back in time.

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