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Should I do a First Look on my wedding day?

So, what exactly is a First Look?!

Traditionally the Bride and Groom do not see each other the day of the wedding until she walks down the aisle. Some even say it’s “bad luck”. But in recent years Brides are opting to share this intimate moment with her fiancé’ before the Ceremony.

Typically, the first look is planned out with your wedding photographer to be with a small group of people or even just the couple. The Groom will stand and wait anxiously with his back to the bride until he is tapped on the shoulder. The look on his face when he turns around is priceless… No pressure from the guest you have arriving, just you and the love of your life. It truly is a beautiful intimate moment.

Why Brides choose to do a First Look on their Wedding Day

A lot of couples like this option because the wedding day can get so chaotic they don’t ever seem to get a chance to be alone with each other on their special day. With a traditional wedding a lot of the time I see the couple get bombarded with loved ones trying to squeeze their congratulations in as we’re trying to sneak off the do photos with the bridal party and they seem to forget about the romance they should share with one another. Planning a first look gives you the opportunity to have a meaningful moment alone.

Benefits of planning a First Look into your timeline

Planning a first look in to your timeline can relive a lot of stress and pressure as well. The Bride is typically fresh out of make up and hair which makes for some pretty flawless photos. Then since you have already seen each other, there is extra time before the ceremony to not only knock out some of your romantic photos but its a great opportunity to take the bridal party photos as well! That way, you can enjoy your guests and their congratulations after the ceremony without feeling rushed and it’s the perfect time to start capturing family photos! If planned out correctly, opting to do a first look can be a very beneficial addition to your wedding day. But ultimately it’s up to you!

Does a First Look have to be just between the Bride and Groom?

First look wedding photos don’t have to just be between the bride and groom. Father-daughter first looks are trending and even dress reveals to bridesmaids are fun to do if you’re more of a traditional kind of girl.

How you can make a first look fun

If you and your fiancé like to have a good laugh, there are a few first look pranks that had the whole wedding party rolling on the floor! Take this "Dino Prank" for instance.. Fairlight just had to pull this one on her fiancé. She had one of the Grooms best friends put on a Dinosaur suite in place of her during their first look. David was completely thrown off guard when he turned around to see his best friend Ben wearing a costume instead of his beautiful bride. Everyone got a big kick out of it needless to say.

Is a first look right for you?

At the end of the day it's YOUR wedding. Talk to your fiancé about their thoughts on doing a first look and see what they think about it. It's a great idea and an opportunity to get a new perspective but this is something only you can decide.


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