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What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot

Time to start planning your engagement session! Here are some tips to help you chooses what to wear!

Engagement Session in Balboa Park Sand Diego.
Balboa Park Engagement Photos

1. First let's talk about location!

Based on where you choose to do your session, look at what colors might be fitting to the scene.


If you want the best images, wear solid colors. Patterns tend to draw attention away from your face and can cause an image to look a little cluttered.

3. Dress or pants?

I say Both! Dresses always photograph really well and create the illusion of action. They are fun airy and depending on the look your going for or they can be very dramatic.

Engagement Session at Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach Engagement Photo

4. Bring a second outfit.

A good rule of thumb is to have something dressy and something casual.

5. Get your partners input and vice versa.

Chances are, if they like it and you like it, you can’t go wrong. It also helps you two coordinate when you have your partners outfit in mind.

Engagement Shoot at Ford Park Redlands
Redlands Engagement Photo

6. Professional hair and make up?

That is really your preference but when my brides choose to have professional make up done for their engagement shoot there tends to be no regrets. If you choose to do your own make up, keep in mind that “everyday” make up tends to get washed out in camera. It may be uncomfortable to apply heavy make up, but it photographs well.

7. For the gentlemen..

Make sure to wear clothes that are the right fit. When a shirt is too loose, it tends to actually make you look bigger in camera. The same goes for a shirt that is too tight.

8. Ok, let’s talk about shoes..

Try to avoid running shoes or anything too bulky. Dress shoes look nice with anything including jeans. Dark socks are also a good idea ;)

Beach Engagement photos taken in Laguna
Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

9. Props or no props?

I think props are a great idea! Something that is meaningful to you and your partner or even some champagne to pop is always fun. I would explore the things that you two enjoy doing together and see if something stands out. Pets can also be a fun addition.

10. Lastly, bring extra shoes!

It’s always a great idea to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to swap out during your engagement session! Sometimes there is a little bit of a walk or some uneven ground so heals will typically make it harder to get around. Bring something you can easily slip in and out of that will make your mobility easier.

Sunset Engagement Shoot in Oak Glen
Oak Glen Engagement Photos


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