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Wedding Photography Timeline Tips

There’s a lot of planning when it comes to your big day! What time the ceremony is, reception, cake cutting, ect. When finding a wedding photographer to document these special moments, make sure they have a timeline mapped out!

The one thing you don’t want to be stressing out on is when to get the group photos, couples photos, who’s going to be in them.. Make sure your professional has the itinerary of the days events, the wedding planners phone number (or who ever is running the show the day of) and has planned out your images accordingly! What I’ve found is, bridal parties and bridal portraits right after the bride and her gals are done getting primped and primed before the ceremony is perfect. Same with groom and groomsmen. That way you can socialize and get the family while everyone is celebrating.

My timeline looks a little like this..

-Detail Shots (Dress, Jewelry, Invitations)

-Bride getting Ready

-Groom getting ready

-Bridesmaids and Bride

-Groom and Groomsmen



-Family Groups (Moms, Dads, Grandparents ect.)

-Both Bridal Parties with Bride and Groom

-Couple “Just Married”

-Reception and all that entails!

One thing I would recommend is discussing taking a few more photos around sunset. Sometimes that means leaving the reception for 15 minutes or so to take a few romantic photos, but the golden hour is such a beautiful time it’s worth it! It creates a romantic, soft feel to your photos if timed right and if your photographer is willing.. TAKE ADVANTAGE! I hope you enjoyed my blog! Happy planning to all the beautiful brides out there!


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